Auto Skills Marine working on car

The Auto Skills Center offers an extensive collection of tools, advanced machinery, battery chargers, a brake center, steam cleaners, and electronic testing equipment to help support auto needs. There is plenty of stall space to work on vehicles, and knowledgeable mechanics are on-hand for advice and assistance. The Auto Skills Center is your source for everything your vehicle may need on Camp Pendleton!

Do it all yourself with ASE Certified expert advice at every step.

  • Affordable Auto Parts Shop with everything from oil to brakes to lights
  • Extensive tool collection and a wide range of machinery services
  • Stall rentals for a clean and safe workspace
  • On-site, expert support from knowledgeable mechanics

Rates are per vehicle.

Auto Stalls

Flat $7.50/hour
Lift $12.50/hour
Overnight Stall Rate $15/day
On-Board Computer Check $50 (Free retesting)
Charging System Test $16.25
Steam Cleaning $17/half hour
Tire Service
Mounting $12.50+/tire (Price for tire services will vary based on tire size.)
Balancing $14+/tire (Price for tire services will vary based on tire size.)
Repair $30+/tire (Price for tire services will vary based on tire size.)
Disposal $12/tire (Price for tire services will vary based on tire size.)
Machine Shop Services
Brake Drum Resurface $17.50/each
Brake Rotor Resurface $20/each
Engine Oil Drain Retreating $25/each
Hydraulic Press Work $50/hour (1hr minimum)
Service Struts $28/each
Vacuum Leak Test $30/each

Fees for other machine shop tasks determined by amount of work required to perform task. For other services, check with an employee for pricing and availability.

Welding / Fabrication
110V MIG Welder, Certified Staff $55/hour
220V MIG Welder, Certified Staff $60/hour
Oxy Acetylene, Certified Staff $60/hour
110V MIG Welder, Patron $45/hour
220V MIG Welder, Patron $55/hour
Oxy Acetylene, Patron $40/hour
  • Stall issuance, machine shop, and tire services are secured 90 minutes before the posted closing time. Customer cleanup starts 45 minutes before close!
  • 30-day temporary storage for vehicles being worked on Auto Skills Center ($20.00/day)
  • Recycle Center for waste, antifreeze, automotive oils, batteries, and old auto parts/scrap metal (we will only take parts that are adequately drained of all fluids; please drain them before dropping them off at our facility).
  • Vehicle on-board scanner
  • Alternator, battery, and starter testing
  • Hand tools available within the facility

Have a project? We have long-term stall discounts available.

Enjoy a 60% or more discount when you take advantage of these great deals! The regular flat stall fee is $7.50 per hour/$60 per day plus the overnight price of $15 total per day, $75. Two weeks on an hourly contract totals $750, and 1 month $1500. Thus, see the two options below that will save you money that you can use towards your project.

15- and 30-consecutive days options to choose from:

Option 1 - 15 consecutive days
For $250, rent a long-term stall for 15 consecutive days
Included are 2 hours of lift and 30 minutes of power wash use.

  • This fee must be prepaid and is nonrefundable; no transferring of stalls or substituting of vehicles.
  • The lift and power wash allowance must be used within 15 days; this incentive expires after 15 days and can only be used for the vehicle assigned to the long-term stall.

Option 2 - 30 consecutive days
For $400, rent a long-term stall for 30 consecutive days. Included are 4 hours of lift and 1 hour of power wash use.

  • This fee must be prepaid and is nonrefundable; no transferring of stalls or substituting of vehicles.
  • Lift and power wash must be used within 30 days; this incentive expires after 30 days and can only be used for the vehicle assigned to the long-term stall.

To utilize the Auto Skills Center, you must meet eligibility and ownership requirements. The following will need to be proved: a DoD ID card (CAC, Retired, reserve, or dependent ID) along with the vehicle registration or proof of insurance in the patron's name upon check-in. (Please bring these items to the check-in window to utilize the Auto Skills Center) Please Note: DoD contractors are not eligible.

  • Our shop services are secured 90 minutes before the posted closing time (machine shop, tire services)
  • Stall issuance will secure 90 minutes before the posted closing time.
  • Stall cleanup will commence 45 minutes before the posted closing time.
  • Auto Skills Center tools are not allowed to leave the premises.
  • Please follow all directions the Auto Skills Staff provided about Safety and Hazardous Waste. If unsure, please ask any Auto Skills staff for assistance.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required when inside the Auto Skills compound (sandals or open-toe shoes are not allowed).
  • For safety reasons: No children under 13 years old are allowed in the work area. A customer waiting area is available if necessary.
  • No unsupervised children are allowed at the Auto Skills Center.
  • Smoking is not allowed within the Auto Skills Center. (This includes e-cigarettes or other vaping products). There is a designated smoking area located in our parking lot if necessary.
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed in the Auto Skills compound.
  • No personal welding/torch equipment is allowed at the Auto Skills Center.
  • No personal paint equipment (paint guns or airless paint equipment) is allowed within the Auto Skills Center.
  • No pets are allowed within the Auto Skills Center compound (exception: service animals).

Our objective is to support a shopping experience for Marines, having access to needed and elective automotive parts, accessories, and products. Full access to the vendors below will allow service members, retirees, DoD personnel, veterans, and family members to repair, service, and perform upgrades in the comfort and confidence of their MCB Auto Skills Center.

Highline Warren
Highline Warren is North America's premier distributor of automotive chemicals and products.

Factory Motor Parts
OEM parts provider with a vast inventory available for next-day delivery. Repair & service parts, batteries, and complete engines.

A trusted source for automotive parts, accessories & know-how for your car, truck, or SUV.

O’Reilly Automotive
An American auto parts retailer that provides automotive aftermarket parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories to professional service providers and do-it-yourself customers.

Variety of brands include:

  • Royal Purple
  • Red Line
  • Mobil 1
  • Lucas
  • Motorcraft


Need your windows tinting? Give us a call! Or call Solar Care directly at (760) 519-4294 and set up an appointment to get your windows tinted here at Auto Skills. These services are mobile and provided anywhere on Camp Pendleton. Please mention Auto Skills when you call them.

Offered Services:

  • Verified by Business
  • Anti-Glare Window Film Installation
  • Ceramic Window Film Installation
  • Fade Reduction Window Film Installation
  • Graphic Window Film Installation
  • Anti-Graffiti Window Film Installation
  • Decorative Window Film Installation
  • Frosted Window Film Installation
  • Virtual Consultations

Are you interested in changing your vehicle's look or protecting it from natural elements? Why Are Vinyl Wraps So Beneficial?

If you're interested in getting a wrap, give them a call at 909-970-0449 today so they can get started with your design.

Auto wrapping is something that's become quite popular over the past several years, especially because it's affordable. Many people are unaware of auto wrapping is, but it happens to be one of the best investments you can make as a car owner.

When it comes to things like painting a vehicle, you often have to spend thousands of dollars to do it. However, the cost to wrap a car is significantly less and has the same effect as applying a different color of paint.

Four Benefits of Wrapping Your Car:

  1. Save Money
    One of the main benefits of wrapping a car is that you can save a ton of money compared to what you'd spend getting one painted. A vehicle wrap is a convenient investment that any car owner can make, whether they want to do it for cosmetic or protection purposes. When it comes to painting a car, you typically need to apply several coats of paint before the color looks right. All of this paint will cost you a lot of money, especially if you're painting over a darker color. When you wrap a car, all you're doing is applying a wrap over the vehicle instead of painting it. Think of auto wrapping like wrapping a gift. You cover the gift in the decorative paper that makes it look pretty. This is exactly what you do with a vehicle, except there are two ways to go about it.

    Auto wrapping is done by applying vinyl decals via spray or physical sheets. When spraying the decal, you'll usually pay less for the wrap because it doesn't require as much work. Similar to painting a vehicle, you'll need to apply several coats of the wrap if you're spraying it. However, using wrap sheets will only require one layer, but they need to be applied carefully.
  2. Change the Color Often
    Another benefit of wrapping a car instead of painting is being able to change the color as often as you'd like. When painting a car too often, you'll typically find that the car will have chipped paint. Fortunately, car wrap doesn't require you to stack layers upon layers. Whenever you change the color of a wrapped vehicle, all you need to do is remove the wrap and apply a new one. This prevents you from adding too many layers of paint that will end up breaking apart over time.
    Painting a vehicle is also difficult if it's dark because you'll need to use several coats to make it lighter. Doing this alone can cause the paint to start chipping.
    If you're using vinyl decal sheets to wrap the vehicle, you won't need to apply any sort of substance to the surface. Even if you're using a spray wrapped, all of the coats will peel off together.
  3. Easy Maintenance
    Unlike a painted vehicle, a wrapped one is much easier to maintain because you can apply the wrap wherever it's needed it any time. For example, if your car gets a scratch, you can quickly spray over the area that was scratched. When it comes to getting a scratch on a painted vehicle, you can do the same thing. However, you'll have to spend more money on a gallon of paint that you won't need. It'll also be hard for you to gauge how many coats you should use to blend the paint in.

    Another thing that people don't think about is the deepness of the scratch. You can easily fill in scratched car wrap, but filling in a scratch with paint can result in chipped paint. If the scratch is too deep, it will be harder for the paint to stick properly. When driving on bumpy roads or getting the vehicle wet, the paint will be likely to fall out. However, car wrap will stick like glue and prevent the scratch from getting worse.
  4. Paint Protection
    Car wrapping is often done by owners that are looking to protect their original paint from getting negatively affected. Although car wrap can be used for cosmetic purposes, it can act as a shield from things like debris, scratches, and more. While car wrap won't protect your vehicle from major dents, it can prevent minor dings from things like pebbles that would otherwise damage your paint. The best part about car wrapping is that when you peel it off, your paint won't be affected in any way.

    To properly protect your vehicle's paint, all you'll need to do is apply the wrap as soon as possible. After covering the entire vehicle, you can ensure that your paint will be protected while you're waiting to sell the vehicle or do whatever you'd like with it.
    Every several months, you can swap the wrap out with a new coating in as little as a few hours. You can continue to use car wrap for as long as you'd like without affecting the vehicle's surface.

Start Wrapping Your Car Today!

If you're someone that cares about maintaining the appearance of your vehicle, you'll want to wrap it as soon as possible. Wrapping your car doesn't require much work, and it can be done at the Auto Skills Center.

1DayWraps provides wraps for many types of vehicles including trucks, trailers, vans, RVs, buses, off-road vehicles, and UTV vehicles. If you're interested in getting a wrap, give them a call at 909-970-0449 today so they can get started with your design.

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Expert Designers
  • Free Consultation
  • Professional Installation
  • Endless Color Options

Why Choose 1DayWraps?

"Since 2003, we've been creating graphics for businesses that are designed to attract consumers' eyes. We're the wrap shop you need to give your company an advertising boost. Because we have been doing this for so many years, we know how to make your vehicle wrap pop and capture attention. We take pride in getting the job done right and because of that, 1DayWraps dominates the vehicle wrap field."

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