The Ultimate Holiday Stay-cation Guide

The holidays are a special time of year – the smell of gingerbread, cinnamon, turkey, and the con...

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Marine Spouse 101: Four Big Misconceptions I Had About Living on Base

AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to EmailShare to More1 GO ...

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Alcohol, Ads, and Your Kids: How to Read Between the Lines

Advertising is everywhere–on TV, the bus, the street, and the Internet.1 Alcohol advertising is...

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Getting Hired in the Federal Government through Veteran's Recruitment Appointment

Getting into the Federal workforce can seem like a daunting task, but there are ways to make it e...

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What are the Steps for Marines Who Are Interested in Applying for LSP?

Are you a Marine who has dreams of pursuing your education at a selective school? The Leadership ...

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inTransition: The Mental Health Resource in Any Stage of Service

Transitioning of any sort can be a difficult and stressful time for many military members. Wheth...

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Leadership Scholar Program: How can Marines Prepare to Go to Selective Colleges and Universities?

The Leadership Scholar Program (LSP) was formed to support the admission of qualified Marines to ...

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Students at MCB Camp Lejeune Learn Resiliency Skills with Anchored4Life

PCS can be hard for anyone — packing up and changing locations, houses, and schools is difficult,...

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All-Marine Sports Celebrates the Legacy of Roberto Clemente

Humanitarian Hall of Fame Ballplayer, Marine. September 9th, 2020, marked the annual celebration ...

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Complete the Picture

All Marines know the importance of sight alignment and sight picture. But have you taken the time...

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Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Honor Their Time in the Marines

Perseverance, determination, honor: the basic tenets of athleticism are core values that every Ma...

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eMentor, an Award Winning Online Mentor Program

To support National Mentoring Month the Marine For Life Network hosted a Facebook Q&A session wit...

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