Think You Don't Need a Financial Plan? Think Again.

You are ready to transition. You have spent your days editing your cover letter and resume to per...

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The Virtual Hope Box: An App Every Marine Needs

Life in the Marine Corps can be hectic. We could all use a break every now and again to center ou...

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The Secret to High Intensity Tactical Training

Whether you are a United States Marine or simply want to train like one, High Intensity Tactical ...

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How to Do More Pull Ups

Increasing the number of pull-ups performed is a goal of many Marines. Virtually everyone, regard...

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4 Reasons to Add Deep Water Running to Your Workout Routine

Want to improve your running but bored of the same old workouts? Are you looking for a new additi...

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The Trick to Negotiating A Civilian Salary

A question that frequently comes up when Marines transition is how to negotiate a civilian salary...

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This Checklist Will Make School Registration a Breeze

It’s moving season! You’ve received your orders and have made arrangements with DPS to have your ...

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Affordable Date Ideas for Marine Couples

Between deployments, training, taking care of the kids and other obligations it can sometimes be ...

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How to Apply to College, Devil Dog

You have decided college is your next step after the Marine Corps. Now what? Where do you begin ...

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Why Community College? Why Not?

Thinking about transitioning out of the Corps? Community college can be a great option to help yo...

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The Right Resource, the Right Way, the First Time

Do you find yourself needing help, but you don’t know what program or resource meets your needs? ...

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4 Reasons to Try Out for All-Marine Sports

Marines have each other’s backs on the battlefield. But what about on the playing field? All-Mari...

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