Summer Reading for the Win!

Summer Reading 2016 at libraries across the Marine Corps will be a celebration of sports and achi...

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Your (Energy) Action is Required

Halloween candy is filling the stores and your favorite spooky movies are on TV – you know it’s a...

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Security and Privacy Settings in LinkedIn

As with all social media platforms, your security and privacy on LinkedIn are important considera...

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Marines, Don't Make These Common Resume Mistakes

Your resume is often the first impression you will make on an organization, yet recruiters usuall...

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Study Dispels Myths Surrounding Exceptional Family Member Program

The Marine Corps Operational Analysis Division commenced a study in March 2016 to learn whether M...

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4 Tips for Writing Your Federal Resume

When it comes to finding a job, you probably already know that you should tailor to your resume t...

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New Year, New Savings! Cut Your Home Energy Costs

The New Year is a time for positive changes, from committing to daily running to reading a new bo...

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Protect What You've Earned: Know the Signs of Alcohol Misuse

The Commandant has challenged Marines and families to redefine the culture of the Marine Corps co...

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Marine Corps Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Wins DOD Award

Congratulations to Mrs. Jacqueline Maxwell for her selection as the Marine Corps Exceptional Sexu...

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How Will You Support Red Ribbon Week?

Millions of people will gather to raise awareness regarding the need for alcohol, tobacco and oth...

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Enrollment in EFMP Allows Marines to Carry on

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a Department of Defense mandatory enrollment prog...

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Maintain Your Skills Through Volunteering!

Did you know that volunteering is the perfect opportunity to develop new skills or maintain your ...

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