Curious About Resources During a Government Shutdown?

In the event of a government shutdown many services will be affected, but there are a few that re...

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Who is Eligible for SAPR Services? How Can I Help Ensure They Seek Aid?

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program is committed to ensuring anyone who has...

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How to Party Safely

One night at a nightclub, a former student at a public university in Kentucky realized that a dru...

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Healthy Living: Ask the Experts

Have you ever felt lost on how to start a healthy lifestyle? Have you ever wanted to know what yo...

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Having Trouble with Stress? Talk to an OSCAR Member

Marines report five reasons for not seeking help for stress:

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DoDEA Online Registration for Students Debuts: Beaufort, Iwakuni, Okinawa, Lejeune, and Quantico

Most military children are not allowed to pre-enroll for school; consequently, many course offeri...

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Helping Your Smoker Quit: Dos and Don'ts

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. Being close to someone who is trying to quit can also be difficult –...

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Kids Heading Back to School? Get in the Know with the School Liaison Program

Here’s a statement you have heard before: PCS is an incredibly stressful time. In addition to the...

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Veterati, the Mentor Program made by Marines, for Marines!

To support National Mentoring Month, the Marine For Life Network hosted a Facebook Q&A session wi...

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Happy Birthday, Marine!

The Birthday Ball is a celebration of Marine Corps’ history and traditions. It gives us a look a...

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There's an App for That! Tips You and Your Kids Need for App Safety

It can be difficult to keep up with your kids and their relationships, from friendships to dating...

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