Boingo Broadband Sponsors SMP Day of Service Marine Corps Wide

Boingo is proud to sponsor the 2017 Single Marine Program (SMP) “Day of Service” events Marine Co...

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Keep Your Marriage Safe from Social Media

Social media is a great way to keep in contact with your long distance friends and family, but it...

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Marine Spouse 101: How "Semper Fi" Saved Our Relationship

The Marine Corps motto Semper Fi, or “Always Faithful", was what my fiancé signed all his letters...

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Get Paid To Quit Tobacco

Did you know that a pack a day smoker spends nearly $50 a week on cigarettes? That’s over $2200 a...

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Exceptional Family Member Program Helps Marine Balance Career and Family

Marines who have a family member with special medical or educational needs face very real challen...

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AMP-IT: Time to Hit the Pool

On July 1st the Marine Corps new fitness rules were announced in the Marine Administrative Messag...

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Start College Off Right with the Leadership Scholar Program

The transition from military life to higher education can be a daunting experience for some. That...

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Why Quit Tobacco During the Great American Smoke Out?

The first step in quitting tobacco is thinking about it. If you think about quitting tobacco some...

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Period of PURPLE Crying

Bringing home a newborn baby is both a wonderful and stressful event. A caregiver can be left fee...

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9 Facts about Teen Smoking

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States and 90% of tobacco use...

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Enroll Your Child in Youth Sports Today

Why wait until summer to take advantage of the bright sunny days and warm evenings when your chil...

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Should I Consider Community College?

The practice of completing undergraduate studies (a bachelor’s degree) by attending a community c...

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