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PT Can Strengthen Your Spiritual Fitness

When thinking about fitness, it's good to consider the perspective of both input and output. For example, what you put into your body, such as things consumed, can have either a positive or negative impact on overall physical fitness. That's input. Output is the energy exerted to train and strengthen the body. Consider spiritual fitness from the same input/output lens, and also consider, when it comes to output, physical fitness (the output of energy) can significantly contribute to your overall spiritual well-being.

Spiritual benefits of physical training (PT) include:

  • Quieting the mind and being present in the moment.
  • Breaking through personal barriers.
  • Testing your fortitude while working out.
  • Stimulating mood improvement.
  • Equipping you to better help others.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Prompting self-reflection and goal-setting.

Remember, balance is essential. When doing too much physical exercise, you risk injury, which can negatively impact your spiritual fitness. Balance is critical.

Physical training has its physical benefits, but it can also enhance your human and religious expression and ultimately keep you connected to what gives meaning and purpose in life--what or who you know and love. Whether it's your belief in God or another higher power, PT can strengthen that relationship and your overall spiritual fitness.

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