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Cover Letter Controversy

Cover letters are tough. You’ve just spent what felt like an eternity creating a targeted resume ...

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How to Prepare for an Interview

Your performance in an interview can make or break landing a job, so you always want to be on you...

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Get Started Writing Your Resume Today!

Never written a resume before? Don’t sweat it. Sure, it seems daunting if you are staring at a bl...

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Chicago Marine Goes From Cammies to a Suit

The M4L Representatives are Reservists that are embedded in communities throughout the US. Their ...

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5 Ways American Job Centers Help Veterans Get Employed!

American Job Centers (or AJCs) provide free help to job seekers for a variety of career and emplo...

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Basic Competencies

Beginning a job search and trying to figure out your basic competencies? Let’s start off by talk...

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From Rifles to Light Sabers: Actor Adam Driver Discusses His Time in the Marine Corps

For many, serving with the Marine Corps offers a sense of community among a group of diverse indi...

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13 Tips for a Fantastic LinkedIn Profile

A sparse LinkedIn profile doesn’t really say much about you and doesn’t make you stand out. A det...

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7 Tips for Effective Face-to-Face Networking

Networking is a vital part of finding new employment opportunities as a transitioning Marine or s...

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After the Interview...What Next?

Every interview is an opportunity to improve your interviewing skills. One of the best ways to ma...

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