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How Do I Know What College Is Right for Me?

“Post-secondary education” —a term that could be viewed as a fancy way to say “college,” —can also mean vocational or technical school. Regardless of how the term might be applied, the Marine Corps houses 25 base education centers, staffed with highly qualified, fully credentialed, and experienced professional education personnel, ready to help anyone who walks in the doors.

The 100-plus civilian personnel who serve at these base Voluntary Education (VolEd) Centers all possess degrees in fields related directly or indirectly to adult education and collegiate testing. Nearly a third of them have been in their current positions for more than 10 years; many have children that have completed or are on the way to university degrees. The staff brings a wide range of knowledge and experiences to help their clients connect with the right program, as well as with all available financial resources. The VolEd Center goes way beyond just processing tuition assistance.

Marines, family dependents, veterans, and civilians who work on base have an array of choices for post-secondary programs. Virtually anything is available from how to repair cars, install central air, or start a business. Clients might pursue the study of great philosophers, the arts, or science and technology fields, including in-demand fields such as cybersecurity and geospatial intelligence.

Clients can also learn about opportunities to brush up on basic communication, math, or science skills. They can also take a class just for fun or to learn for learning’s sake. Lifelong learning is part of strengthening mental fitness.

For clients interested in building skills for a future career, the VolEd staff will help them explore the employment possibilities and the potential salaries. Careful consideration will be given to the knowledge, skills, and abilities that the potential student already has.

Throughout the past two years, more than 43,000 Marines have taken more than 126,800 courses, and along the way have earned more than 5,000 graduate and undergraduate degrees, as well as more than 460 academic and vocational certificates.

Marines who have used the VolEd Center share their experiences:

A sergeant, after taking the Academic Skills Program: “All of my scores improved by at least 12 points! ...I am now going to submit for Marine Security Guard Detachment Commander and…for Warrant Officer since I now qualify for both.”

A gunnery sergeant describes her experience with the base education center as: “The Education and Career Specialist has gone above and beyond in providing support and information…Amazing! Clearly described how the benefit worked, as well as potential payback due to my specific situation in completing my degree.”

A corporal offered this: “With your help I was able to get into Princeton. I am the first in my family to ever go to college!  Thank you!”

For more information, visit your installations VolEd Center.

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