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SECO Assists Military Spouses with Education and Career Goals

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities career coaches are dedicated to supporting our military...

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New Hiring Authority for Military Spouses

New hiring authority provides guidance to employment preference for spouses who are eligible for ...

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Maximizing Military Experience on LinkedIn Profiles

Seven tips to leverage your military experience on LinkedIn.

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Transition Tips for Marine Spouses

When the time comes to transition from military life back to civilian life, a Marine isn’t the on...

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Talking to Your Kids: How to Get Beyond Fine

Is your child’s favorite word fine? Review these tips to assist your child in opening up, while g...

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Mentorship Opportunities

Great resources are available to assist transitioning Marines and their family members connect to...

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PCSing with Kids: The Basics

Spring time is here, and with that, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) season begins. While moving...

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Build Your Kid’s Mental Strength

Some people are able to quickly bounce back from personal setbacks or failures, while others stru...

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Say “Thank You” to Your Child Care Provider Today

Child Care Provider Appreciation Day is celebrated nationally every year on the Friday before Mot...

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Cover Letter Controversy

Cover letters are tough. You’ve just spent what felt like an eternity creating a targeted resume ...

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Start Your Cover Letter with this 10 Minute Activity

If you’re having trouble getting your cover letter started, try this activity. You’ will need thr...

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Start Your Job Search While Staying Inside

Are you ready to begin a job search? This might be the perfect time to focus on it, as people are...

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