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SkillBridge Spotlight: Microsoft Software & Systems Academy

Are you ready to learn skills that could translate into a new career in technology? Learn more a...

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How a Letter of Recommendation Can Get a Marine Into College

Marines applying to become a part of the Marine Corps Leadership Scholar Program (LSP) sometimes ...

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Get the Most of Your GI Bill Education Benefit

With all the advice on the web and through school admission officials on maximizing GI Bill Educa...

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College is Expensive! Tips for Marines to Finance Their Education

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the U.S. Department of Education, there...

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Start College Off Right with the Leadership Scholar Program

The transition from military life to higher education can be a daunting experience for some. That...

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Should I Consider Community College?

The practice of completing undergraduate studies (a bachelor’s degree) by attending a community c...

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How Can a Marine Spouse Finance Their Education?

The cost of college can be significant, but there are many options available to you as a Marine s...

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How to EAS Successfully as a Marine

Confused about what path you should take after you EAS? Is it because you’re already living the d...

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Financial Aid for the Military Student

Is your military teen considering starting college this fall? Then you need to think about comple...

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How to Pull Your Joint Services Transcript (JST)

Your Joint Services Transcript (JST) is an academically accepted document approved by the America...

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Everything You Need to Know About the Voluntary Education Program

Are you thinking of getting a college degree? With your military training and experience you may ...

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College Is Expensive! How Do I Save For My Child's Education?

There’s no doubt that college is expensive, but getting a degree doesn’t have to put you in debt....

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