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How to Party Safely

One night at a nightclub, a former student at a public university in Kentucky realized that a drug had been slipped into her mixed drink. After having a couple sips, she began to have horrible side effects: “It was as if I was having a stroke,” she recalled. 

Luckily for the student, her friends noticed the issue and were able to get her home safely. However, this is not the same for every individual. Each year, an estimated 237,868 Americans over the age of 12 have been raped or sexually assaulted. Help keep yourself safe by learning about some of the “party drugs” often used during these incidents.

GHB is a clear liquid that looks like water. It is sometimes called “G” or “Liquid Ecstasy,” and has become a popular party drug because it gives users a rush that makes them feel happy, alert, and talkative.

Rohypnol, often referred to as “Roofies,” is a small white pill usually crushed so it can be snorted or dissolved in a liquid. Roofies slow down your brain like a sleeping pill; in some cases, they can shut down the brain completely.


You can’t see or smell GHB or Roofies, making it easy for someone to slip them into your drink. These drugs cloud your judgement and can result in loss of consciousness.  When you’re under the influence of GHB or Roofies, someone can easily force you to do something without your consent. This is why these drugs are commonly referred to as “date rape drugs.”  Date rape isn’t just a threat to women; men should be concerned as well. Never leave your drink unattended at a party or club, and always be on the alert for suspicious behavior. If you think your drink has been drugged, get a new one.

For more information, contact your local Substance Abuse Counseling Center (SACC). SACC offers a wide array of prevention, intervention, and counseling services to promote the readiness of Marines and their families.  

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